Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely C H O I C E

Language learning:

English, Arabic, German, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Japanese, Czech, Chinese, Persian, Russian, Georgian, Flemish, French and other languages.
The courses include Levels A1-C2:
 Full command of the language grammar
 Everyday usage words and phrases, winged words
 Conversational training
 Business Letters
 Personal approach and control of knowledge quality
 Rational distribution of time without extra load
We suggest individual classes, classes in couples as well as group classes. The groups consist of 3-5 people.
The center is regularly updated with new collection of fiction books and films, designed for different linguistic levels. Their goal is to fill in the participant’s daily routine , free time out of the audience , combining the useful with pleasant: books and films are discussed in the classroom , allowing the participant to express his thoughts and judgments in the language learnt.
To determine the level of your linguistic knowledge and to be enrolled into a proper stage, you can pass a specially designed level checking tests with the appropriate specialist.

At the end of the courses a Course Completion Certificate is given to the student in 3 languages along with a recommendation letter from the institution director.

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